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By celeronmx
Since Nitrous Oxide or NOS is used for freezing. What about some kind of NOS Boots, so gun would never stick to your shoe.

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By Steve
Celeron, please go a little bit more into detail. This might or might not be a good one, but at this point I simply don't understand how it works. :-?
By Rishi
Dear Steve,
Probably what celeronmx is looking for is a non-stick kind of soles on shoes so that one can avoid chewing gum sticking to them. This is technically feasible but will cause many a spill as such a surface will lower friction between the shoe and the ground one is walking on.

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By Steve
Rishi, what I didn't understand was this: when you have gum on your shoes or clothes, you can use NOS to make it freeze and then peel it off. But what would NOS boots look like? I mean, freezing the sole in advance wouldn't be very helpful I guess? :-? And placing an NOS gun directly into the sole would be an orthopedic disaster. ;-)

Thanks for helping me speculate! ;-D
By Rishi
Steve, you are right about a NOS gun being an orthopaedic disaster not to mention an ecological one.

My concern is this. Chewing gum is essentially latex rubber. Most shoes are that way too but vulcanised. If you freeze one you freeze the other. When you peel off the gum quite a bit of the sole might come off too. The solution may lie in a suitable additive, which is non-toxic and migrates to the surface of the gum rendering it non-adhering.

There are a whole range of polymethyl siloxanes, which may work. Would Wrigley's be the people to tackle this?

By matthewfelgate
how about putting the stuff they make non stick frying pans out of, on the bottom of shoes?!

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