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Imagine if a group of people peacefully visited a home where there is regular violence and just refused to leave, for days, until a positive step was taken. Eg, an abusive man left the home and the locks were changed, or an abused woman was able to safely find a place at a women's shelter.

Or what if the location was a drug dealer's house or a brothel where trafficked women were being held? What are they going to do? Call the cops?!

Maybe useful in situations where multiple police visits have not been effective. Extra additions could be conflict resolution training or video cameras. Need to bring own food and sleeping gear and strict non-violent principles.

Inspired by the Occupy movement, #LoveMakesaWay and Christian Peacemaker Teams.

Reward: A reduction of violence through voluntary community-based intervention.
Do you seriously think that, when you enter a scene of abuse that has been building for years (or sometimes decades), you will be able to just run in, jump at a quick verdict and save the day? 8-o

While I very much agree that court justice is flawed in many ways, what you are basically suggesting is street justice. Not good. Of course, if the abuser (male or female) is a real psychopath, it might be something else, but then again, that same person is also likely to attack you with the kitchen knife if you come by and don't leave. And then what? :-?

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