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By kahnakuhl
Alcohol misuse causes so much health and social harm. Instead of just automatically allowing everyone to drink at 18 (or 21 or whatever) we should limit alcohol to people who have demonstrated they know how to drink responsibly.

Getting a Drinking Licence would be a lot like applying for a drivers licence. At 18yo you'd do some theory classes and take a test. If you pass you get your Drinking Licence.

You could lose your Drinking Licence for alcohol-related offending, causing trouble in bars or supplying unlicensed drinkers. You could voluntarily agree (with your doctor for example) to have your Licence suspended for a certain period, or even cancelled totally.

Takeaway alcohol containers would be stamped with the Licence-holder's ID and they would be held partially liable for the behaviour of any unlicensed drinkers.

You'd need to show your Licence every time you purchase alcohol from the bar, not just at the door.

Of course this requires laws, a bureaucracy to sustain it and extra details, including probationary Licences (light alcohol only) and procedures for applying for Licence reinstatement.

A good idea?

Reward: Less alcohol-related disease, less drunken antisocial behaviour, less domestic violence and other crimes, and less road accidents.

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