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By bow2meordie
Ok, I was thinking, man, my farts stink and there is nothing more embarrassing than sitting there while everyone is being tortured by the stench. so I was thinking, if there was like a thin like filter in the tighty whitey's that like made farts unstinkify, then we could fart completely freely all the time and over time farts wouldn't be so gross to the eye of society, they would be more like stinkless burbs.

ooh ooh! and if you where boxer shorts and hove no air tight way to filter it, haha this would be so ridiculously cool! a little fan dilly that you put your belt through and it like blows your farts away!! haha man! I would buy one so fast!

Reward: what in the world? reward? man, not only should I get one for free, but also I should I get an advanced model that not only unstinkifies them but makes them smell like strawberries- yes thats right.
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By Steve
Nice one - however, it's already been discussed in detail here.

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