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By Bogdan
The principle is simple. A sort of home fitness bicycle (or hamster wheel) which will produce electricity whilst working on. Thing is that an engineer or a team of engineers should find the most efficient machine to transform mechanic energy into electric energy, a battery to store it and a way to use it for your house. Easy to understand directions : 2 hours of running at X km/hour will keep your fridge running for Y hours etc. I believe that the idea would best work within countries where people actually pay a good percentage of their salaries on electricity (many Romanians would be happy). Best thing is that this is a way to approach people for running, people who would otherwise just won't do it. It will require a smart marketing to "trick" these people about a machine which brings only advantages but might be perceived with rejection, as any new good thing is at first. Any millionaire here interested in developing a new type of fitness industry... I am here for more details or suggestions. Take care!

Reward: Being involved into the process of bringing this idea to life!

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