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By Blake_Zero_Jager
This is for any anime Zoid fan. My idea is:*I cannot take full credit for this. Though I thought of it...a friend of mine from Devart helped me.* Anyway...the idea is to have a room with zoid battle pods. You climb inside with your opponent and sit facing each other. You're not actually literally sitting across from one another your own "zoids". The controls would be just as the same as the zoid from the anime. There would be a warm-up to get you used to the zoid. Then the battle would commence. Granted it would be almost impossible and costly to build seperate zoids but then think of the cost for repairs. my feel like you're actually moving. You feel all the hits that you take on and once you and your zoid have a system failure than you're done. if you're flipped...then you'll feel it. Don't worry there would be plenty of foam to keep your head and arms or whatever else safe.
Gimme some feedback and let me know what ya'll think!!
*Idea thought up by: Jen and Jake

Reward: The reward would be to have a faster reflex for everyday life. Piloting a zoid in a 3-D game would strengthen your reflexes.
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By Steve
Blake, please explain your idea in a way that even non-Zoid fans can understand. That's the same reason why your Yogioh! idea currently sits in this forum.
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By Steve
Not really. What is Zoid? What's a Zoid battle pod? Does that already exist, or is it part of your invention? The controls would be just the same like... (something 99% of people have never seen or heard of - not sure if this needs to be explained)? Etc. etc. etc.

Not torturing you with this on purpose, but part of the fun in the Creativity Pool is that everyone can participate because they can understand the demand and the proposed solution/invention, and even contribute to something they normally don't get into contact with. With your description, everyone who has never played the game is locked out. :-?
By Blake_Zero_Jager
Okay...a zoid is a mechanical being piloted by zoid pilots to fight zoid battles. If you want to have an easier search go to Google or Yahoo and type in Zoids. far as I know...the Zoid battle pods do not exist. This is part of my invention idea.

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