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By moepontiac
This invention will help you to save time and energy. Everyone who uses it will be very satisfied with it.

This invention addresses a problem I have had since I remember. This problem is that sometimes I forget to put the clothes in the dryer and if I left them more than 1 day they smell bad, and I have to wash them again.

This is how this object works.

First this machine has a water access like any washing machine, but also it is equipped with an extra compartment with dryer equipment and it has a switch to divide the cycle from wash to dry. The front of the machine has 2 buttons that show the 2 cycles (wash&dry). It also has a time button which shows how long time it will take to wash the clothes and to dry them. Also another button that will show the size of the load. I am presenting this invention to fix a problem I have had all my life. Hopefully, it will be a success for me and for the rest of the world. I am sure that specially the large families out there will be grateful for this invention. In this busy world we need to find ways to save time, money and energy.

The reward could be a sample of the object and recognition.

Lydia Montalvo

Maria Alino

Ertha Charles

Reward: The reward can be a sample and recognition.

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