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By moepontiac
This invention will help you to vacuum your rogue without any problems. As you are vacuuming your room, a little object gets sucked up causing your vacuum to get stock. We all know this little objets such as pennies, small Lego, etc.
This will be a vacuum that operates on its own. It will have a sensor light that will go around it. The light will scan the floor as the vacuum cleans your room. The vacuum will also have two arms that will pick up any object bigger than the vacuum section. Once the vacuum has picked the object it will then bring it to a basket.
The main house for the vacuum will be the basket. This basket is able to tell when it is full. It will also tell the time and it will be the recharger for the battery on the vacuum.
The vacuum will also be controled by a remote control or manually.
If someone was to make this invention, the reward for the idea will be the first 3 vacuums and a letter of recognition.
Maria Figueredo
Galo Criollo
Rafaela Montero

Reward: 3 vacuums and a letter of recognition
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By Steve
This already exists - it's just a little costly because it needs AI to find its way through your living room.

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