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By TheStrattonDJ
After asbestos was banned as an insulation, a lot of very old building did not have the money to invest in modern replacements. Many buildings lose a lot of power and expend needless energy heating and cooling themselves during the hot and cold times of the year. This creates a larger demand for energy and causes us to produce more power via fossil fuels and causes electricity bills for poorer people and businesses (mostly in cities) to be unnecessarily high.

If there was a project to re-insulate buildings both domestic and business in lower income areas, the demand for power (especially during months with extreme weather) could be drastically reduced and both positively affect the people who can't invest in insulation and the power grid and environment.

The downside is that it would require a lot of manpower and money, finding out which houses are "losing" power and which neighborhoods are prone to it and so on. But the upside is that it could positively affect thousands and thousands of lower income Americans in older housing and older businesses.
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By Steve
You are making it fairly obvious that you are living in a developing country. In the more advanced part of the world, this is actually standard.

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