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By hudyk1
We have all stayed in hotels and received wake-up calls and there are even services in larger centers that can provide you with that service.
With todays digital telephone switches services such as Call Forwarding, Call Blocking and Number blocking are all interactive services we can control right from our own phone.
How about a *code from your telephone that programs the local switch to ring back your phone at a specific time. Used either as a wake-up call or as a reminder. Billed as a monthly service or a pay as you use. Nortel if your there, what do you think.
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By Steve
Ask you phone company if they really don't have it - virtually all I know offer this service. 8-o
By hudyk1
Can you explain to me how this service works? Thanks
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By Steve
E.g. with my phone company, you dial *55[Time]# for a wakeup call. You pay EUR 1.74 per month for using this service.

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