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By Agnes_Ng
I am not sure whether have someone thought about this idea or not. But this is idea I have was NOT based on the current inventions I've seen or read about.

You know how when people spit, they'll mostly spit in drains, just on the road and almost anywhere that's unsuitable? Since diseases can be transmitted like that, (SARS) I thought about how people can 'dispose' of their whatever-you-call-it safely and also can benefit from it. So I came up with this idea where people spit into a machine that then turns it into maybe some sort of energy that can be used as fuel for cars etc. I have so far only thought roughly on the 'how' part.

Reward: to see people actually using it and benefit from it. and some acknowledgement, of course.
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By Steve
How would you generate energy? By using the chemical compounds of spit, or by having the spit's physical motion power a generator? :-?
By Rishi
Dear Steve,
Spit has negligible calorific value and a minuscule kinetic energy. When people do not even use spittoons provided I doubt if someone would really seek out a Spi-turbine. If you ask me it would require a considerable amount of heat to deactivate the bacteria. A chemical deactivator would also cost a lot in consumables.

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By Steve
"Kenetic energy" was the expression I was looking for - thanks! ;-)

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