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We all know that the body clock is set to the tune of daylight and night. for some people eyes are more sensitive than the ears, when they are asleep. So the bright light (natural/artificial) will wake you up. I believe for most of the people this would work. (of course only if you are sleeping alone).

My idea is to have an alarm clock which will turn lights on and with a personal message (standard and specifically pre- recorded for that day).

Reward: I hate that beeps and other regular alarm sounds. I would like one for me.
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By Steve
Hi there! The voice recording alarm clock has already been discussed at length here - for the light part, you can always attach a timer to your socket that will turn the power on and off depending on the time of the day. Ask at your nearest hardware store for details!
By matthewfelgate
maybe i will buy one of those plugs you can get from the hardware stores, turning on my light would certainly get me up in the mornings!!!

could i even get one to turn my computer on ready for when i wake up?

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