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By AaronBurns
Do you have a nose that shows too much of your nostrils and you would like to hide them? Everything from flaired nostrils to other problems including just too big, can be solved by using a cover-up make-up, skin colored, that applies like eye lash mascara to the inside of your nose. It comes in a tube and has a Q-Tip sponge on the tip of the applicator that you dip into the bottle then pull it out with the cover-up make up allready on it.
It would also cover up nose hairs that keep growing back but, you can't trim everyday. Also, if your nose is skin colored, the color of the outside of your nose (Face colored) it would reflect more light and the shadow affect would go away which deemphasizes the size of your nostrils. The color just needs to be light enough to overcome any darkness inside your nostrils.

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By matthewkevin
Can you tell me what are the benefits and importance of this Nostril makeup? Now only I’m hearing this makeup tips.

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