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By AaronBurns
Using both the old and the new technologies of barreled carborators and the new fuel injection systems can be optimized and the RPM maximized in any Engine with a very cheap and easy to add high PSI exhaust suction compressor which will add the power to do the opposite action that the fuel coming in does. We are done with the technology of fuel coming in but, we havn't tackled the problem of removing the wasted fuel. If we simply pull the fuel out as fast as we can then the pistons in the cylinders can move much faster creating more RPM's which when attached to the generator creats more generated electricity to charge the battery so we loose no power or fuel or milage with use. We just gain maximum performance from all vehicles with an added compressor to suck out the cylinders on the stroke to push it out. We will suck it out faster than it can be pushed which moves the pistons faster and everything else is improved when this action takes place the whole engine system works better, faster, and cheaper. A win/win situation where you need only add a part rather than alter the engine. This will work better than any exhaust system or fuel additive by far. This should be on all cars especially the fuel economical cars with limited power. Having the power to maneuver through traffic and to get out of trouble is a safety concern as well. This will help out any vehicle in many was that I have described and will be used to advance all cars in the future. I am sure full performance from the entire car and every part in it will be optimized.

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By Steve
Are you sure, Aaron? As far as I know, exhaustion systems are fairly sophisticated these days. Of course, it all comes at a price, so not finding advanced technology in the economy car segment is probably natural. :-?
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By AaronBurns
I can prove that this gives better performance since you get more RPM's and better performance when you use straight pipes or no pipes at all.
The exhaust systems actually bring down performance but, you must have it by law.
If you add this new suction device it is like by-passing the pipes.
You automatically get no suppression or back flow.
You can see it when the tail pipe spits out exhaust spurts. With my device you get a steady stream of exhaust and the rest will work as explained.
I promise that it will work. It is just not suggested to use this with a cataletic converter or exhaust reburner since it does produce more exhaust output.
It would have to be combined with the reburner to pass inspection.
An easy alteration since most anyone can work on and add to an exhaust system on their own.
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By Steve
"Are you sure" wasn't aimed at whether or not it works, but at whether or not it already exists. Sorry for being unclear.

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