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By UFOpart
I have spent alot of time and energy on this possible business idea. And I'm still considering it as a possible business. And because it seems that nobody else is doing it there is no competition out there. If this has already been tried I'm sure you'll let me know. I just want to get this out there in order to help our enviroment some how. In order to save some space here I'll only cover the basics of this idea. If you seriously want to be involved in doing this let me know and I'll do the best that I can do for you.

Idea: Providing free can crusher recycler containers to high volumed businesses that through away aluminum cans via their customers and employee's. For qualified businesses who prove to have high traffic "break room" areas for their customers and/or employees. You provide one (or more) free recycler units to these businesses. Depending on what type of recycler unit and what you will pay for it in order to give a business is up to you. You should find some good ones on the internet (I did).
First you must check out your local recycling centers and find which one will give you the best recovery money for your aluminum. I even estimated costs for anything else involing this type of business. You may consider creating a website in order to provide some amount in free enviromental advertising to those businesses that are involved with yours. Once you have alot of recyclers out there they should be paying themselves off in due time. Once they are paid off through those businesses recycling their cans for you, they should create some amount of profit for you.
A good way to inform people to use the recycler's is to place info. flyers near each unit. Also have a phone number and/or email address on the unit so people can contact you & let you know when a recycler is full. You may want to secure your recyclers depending on their locations. With some recyclers you should be able to do this by custom making your own security devices into these units. Be sure to place recycler units with businesses that are near one another (less route time). Find out what the best times are in order to collect your loads when they do get full. If I had 20 units out there each producing $15.00 every 1-3 months that's $300.00 (or when ever they do get full). There are even automatic can crushing containment machines that are the size of regular vending machines that produce 100lbs. pounds or more of aluminum. These machines cost alot of money so you may want to wait to buy one. What about providing residential units to home users?
This type of business should involve some form of contracts on some levels that will insure that your recycler units are covered in one way or another. But don't get to greedy in contract talk! Remember that you need everyones help here(no mater how much time & $$$ your spending). And that most of the businesses that you may deal with don't even have the time to spend with you (or even want to). You have to show them (in very brief and exciting ways) why they should utilize your free services. Be creative and sincere! I have even calculated a managment system for county to state to national coverage and use of this type of recycling business. And there are many other ways to work this this type of business.

Reward: If you do any of this let us all know here
how it's going for you. I just want to recover the million plus pounds in lost aluminum that we are throwing away here in our land fills. Good luck!
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By Steve
That's kinda a lengthy explanation. ;-) So to sum it up, you are saying that in countries where the government doesn't care enough about the environment (like the US) certain branches of recycling can be left to private companies. You're suggesting aluminium because it's valuable enough to make profit. The service company sets up the aluminium container/machine for free and hauls away the (crushed) cans for free. The companies don't get any money, but receive good karma for saving the environment and possibly save costs by reducing the amount of their general trash. Correct? :-?

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