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By ratnakar
We are living in a Technology driven age. I am sure there are many excellent concept cars out there. However I am more concerned with what we face when we drive the cars. Nasty traffics, accidents, hit and run accidents, and if you are living in a devolping country other hassles of corrupt traffic cops, insurance frauds, stolen cars and a hundred other problems. Maybe some one should come up with a chip in a LCD panel which contains all the information about the car and its owner. Registration number, license plates, insurance details, PUC (pollution under control) certificate number and expiry, and host of other important information. There should be radars installed on all the major roads and control centre, something like air traffic control centre which can monitor the vehicles. I understand This is a massive project , but its benefits are enormous not only to the public but also to the law enforcements. Linked to the GPS maybe we can access all the info about the car at anytime from anywhere through the internet. I think this is a Generation - next concept.

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By Steve
Not a new concept. Some of it is required for bigger trucks, if you want it in your private vehicle as well is simply a matter of how many civil liberties you want to sacrifice. Giving every citizen an electronic wristband may also be quite useful, but as far as I'm aware there's no consensus for it. ;-)

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