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By jayne nicholson
I think you shouldn't have to waste all that time getting ready for school etc. When you can just walk across the room and turn on the computer it would be cool because you could have an internet teacher and stuff.......;)

Reward: Being allowed to be lazy!!
By Guest
oolllllllooooooooccccoooooolllllll O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) O:-) ;-7 :-] :-b B-) !+) :-P ;-) :-D :~( :-) ;-D :-o }:-) :-[ :-/ :*) :-# :-C :-{ :-B :,-( %-6 8-o
By Menckenfan
Great. A culture so fat and lazy that we never leave the house. Do you remember the homeschool kid from the neighborhood? How socially inept was he? Interaction between humans is good. Not to mention the benefits of waking up and taking a shower everyday.
Personal interaction with a good teacher looses something when transmitted via the net. Also, if you never go to school, you can't skip school. Which is one of lifes sublime pleasures.
By Guest
This already exists, and has for several years now. The most famous school with this type of program is the University of Phoenix which I believe has been in existence for almost a decade now. It is becoming a fairly common practice.
By lazyboy
they have that they charged me a fortune for this fake looking diploma with a star
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By CycoMage
With technolution and the unstoppable interconnection of electronic devices, combined with the ever present lack of teachers and collapsing infrastructure, this will not be an option in the future. State and federal budget cutters will make this mandatory, at least through high school. It may be a couple of decades away, but the school nurse and getting notes from mom are on the way out. :-/

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