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By AaronBurns
With any paper product of any size, type, or kind that is made to clean and be obsorbant from toilet paper to paper towels for the kitchen, the bathroom, cleaning car windows to industrial usage if the paper was cheap it would simply disintegrate into small pieces or form a hole not able to fully obsorb the liqiuds since it is only weak paper with no stronger qualities (Like Sodium). But too keep cheap liquid obsorbant paper products cheap and usable we could infuse a sodium property right into the paper (Like crushed salt; Sodium is also cheap!) and do a better job while it holds more moisture. Sodium is non-toxic, non-poisonous, and has no foul odor or powder left behind when mixed and infused into the paper. Even great for baby wipes and super obsorbant!
I think it might even neutralize odor...

Reward: Hey... it's all free any way so, just steal it! Ha!
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By Steve
Salt can be very agressive, e.g. you definitely *don't* want it on your toilet paper. It's also crystalline, so you'd ruin the surface of about anything you wipe it with.

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