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By AaronBurns
It's only a cage when you consider that there is no way out, but that is exactly what we want. We want a crib with side arms that raise up and lock into place so that your baby can still stand up but can never fall out at any time due to tip overs, climbing, or any other way out until we unlatch it and flip the ribbed top up to extact "Said Baby" at our own discretion rather than by fate. Babies often hurt them selves trying to climb out (Especially hitting their chin on the railing) or just moving around and falling on to the railing but this way they can only stand up and grab bars rather then get hurt by them constantly. The bars on the retractable top would serve many purposes. You could hang blankets over the top to shelter the baby from light when you need to see and the baby is asleep, you could hang mobiles, or set DVD Players or baby monitors or cameras attched to it (On top)...Etc. You could do hundreds of things with a roof over the baby. Your baby could play a disappearing trick on you either. I really don't think babies think about doing time in prison much so I think that if it were up to the baby he or she wouldn't mind the roof. It's just a convertable!

Reward: Just too see Matel's suprised look when a better crib gets the new wheel! Ha! They'll never see it coming!
By babynests
I think Six Sided Baby Crib Cage will give a stress to children. I prefer the crib that my child can climb up, eventhough I have to be more careful with my child. I always put a big soft pillow around my crib incase my baby climb up and falling down.Anyway good luck for me, he never fell.
By suzzie
Safety first. A ban placed by the US Consumer Product Safety Commission prohibits drop-side cribs from being sold due to a high number of deaths caused by poor styles and designs. Always take safety into account when you are shopping for a crib.
By widgeon2016
how about importing china Baby Monitors from the website (chinazrh)
before my decision ,i need to research for it

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