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By greggyboy
Do It Yourself Dental Braces would be the next hot product on the market since braces are way too overly priced. They're also very painful when you first start wearing them and you have to be very careful when you eat so they don't fall off. These days less people are going to the dentist since there are so many products out there that help maintain or whiten your teeth. If you could straighten your teeth without every having to see an orthodontist this would save the average citizen a lot of time and money. I think this product should be similar to invisilign braces and should be able to conform to the shape of anyone's teeth. The product should also work for anyone no matter how crooked your teeth are and should be painless. You should also be able to take it off when you're eating. Hopefully a few years down the road I will see this product next to your tooth whitening kits at your local Wal*Mart.

Reward: $1,000,000
That you don't foresee jamming teeth into a position would always be painful is troubling..

However, years from now, the art may improve.. Especially with 3D printing etc.

I successfully had braces, and believe a removable retainer may become optional.. Like stronger 'mouth guards' made in new (computerized) ways.

If you need braces now, how about payment plans?

Best wishes

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