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By ideaman2
Imagine if you will a hamper not of space but of thick plastic. This hamper would be a one time only purchase because it would last forever. It would be about waist high with three connected sections (one solid unit). It would be easy to transport being that it would be on wheels/coasters with a dowl metal frame. it could be used either in a closet or sheerly for sorting and ease of transportation near your laundry shoot in the basement. The three sections would be:1)dark clothes 2)for colors and 3)for whites. This would hold more clothes than a regular hamper for large families or for lazy single guys like me.
I realize there might be similar products out there but this is larger and highly transportable.
I will take samples for my friends and I.

Reward: Just another idea from the ideaman to make your life easier (and no lifting)
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By Steve
Sorry, ideaman, I don't get this one. Probably a cultural thing (I'm European) - what does the traditional hamper look like? Additionally I strongly suspect that there's (at least) a word missing in the first sentence. ;-)

All in all it's a cart with three compartments to transport dirty clothes, I suppose. Not sure, don't they use those in hotels to drive around the laundry?

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