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By zyx Rationalist
There is an idea on this website “Automatic TV volume control” by Jay C. Allen.

This idea is great but needs a little twist to it, u see I had this idea many years back but he got it out before me ( congratulations to Jay C. Allen ). All I want to say is this:
Instead of volume level sensor reducing sound there should be a decibel level sensor which will reduce only that part of sound which above the level set by the decibel control. User can set the decibel control to full if he doesn’t care for his or others ears or to a level, here the volume control will be independent of it and will be set as required. The effect will be that not all sound will be reduced but only certain sounds that r beyond decibel control level set. Hence if music is louder than the singers voice and if we increase the volume then music will not get louder after a certain level but singer voice will.

Reward: So next time when somebody can’t hear the singer remember this website and ask them to visit here and search for “zyx”.
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By Steve
Please post this as a comment to Jay's idea. I would move it there myself, but unfortunatley it's technically impossible to merge two different topics.

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