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By the_absolute_probability
when the car goes into motion the door should automotically lock. this can also be extrapolated to a point where when the car is turned off the doors are automatically unlocked and the person can get off without having to press the un lock button.
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By Steve
Same as the seat belt idea - sorry. ;-) Although there may be some areas where it's advisable to lock your doors when standing at a red light, drivers are generally encouraged NOT to lock their doors when driving because it makes it much more difficult to rescue them in case of an accident.
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By Michael D. Grissom
I don't know about other brands but all the Chrysler/Dodge cars and vans that I've rented in the last few years have this feature. The doors lock at about 5 mph.

Note: The convertables even have automatic adjustment of the radios volume control to compensate for the wind noise. The faster you go, the louder the radio/CD/tape gets. It only does this when the top is down. Isn't technology great!

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