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By zyx Rationalist
Version 1:

This alarm clock is with a nice text screen ( may be of 2 lines ) and a full key pad ( may be like a mobile ). The user enters a message in the clock specifying why he was supposed to wake up in the morning.
In the morning the alarm starts to ring with the message displayed, and here is the trick : It has no switch off button and will ring for 5 minutes ( depending your settings ). The only way to switch off this alarm is by reentering the correct message displayed on the screen specifying of the purpose of waking up. And to do that the user will have to switch lights on and will have to be aware of what’s going on; and if that is the case then user will be wide-awake.

Version 2:

Have u ever woke up hearing a loud thud.
The idea is to create a loud thud that will throw sleepiness out of the window.
But the trick is to create a loud sound that only user can hear and not everybody in the house or outside house.
It is possible to create sound in such a way that it can be heard only from one direction. This may be possible with array of tiny speaker directed a one point.

Reward: 1) Stop praying god and start being one by doing what he would do.
2) Think about above for all ur life.
By Tommahawk
I like it. ;-D
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By Steve
I moved this one to the Waste Reservoir because it is simply too similar to other alarm clock ideas posted very recently by zyx and Lukasz. Zyx, please post enhancements of already existing ideas in the appropriate threads. ;-D

Oh, and asking others to change their religious beliefs, political attitudes and/or color of skin is NOT a good reward. ;-7

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