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By Tommahawk
I got this idea, thinking of doing it but don't think I'll ever have the time to give the project the dedication it deserves.

I want to create a total knowledge base, a site that has the answer and information for any question or topic you can throw at it and if it can't be answered then I'll add information to the base so next time the site will have info on that topic.

I was looking at those encyclopedia's and thought to myself well they have to be good for something, but once I though about scanning them I quickly thought otherwise.

I call the site "" don't steal it.

I also have this fantasy that it could be used in a commercial robot to answer all your questions.

What do you think?

Reward: Heal the learning curve.
By Stig Bakke's brother Stig
Tommahawk wrote:I call the site "" don't steal it.

Ok, I won't. But should we be asking the folks at to change their site's name?

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