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By carman
Ok my idea involes some airlocks what happens i that a car hits you right. Then the airlocks take the blow you may fell some what of a hit but it is not like it would be as bad as without it. Now i am hopping a person can walk out of a crash at 70 to 80 mph without being hurt. the air locks will need to hold a lot up. Now to prevent spring back. THe is like without a brake a car hit you at 60 or 70 mph right the lighter one goes flying off and creating more wreck a system of brakes will slowly let the car go back now i am 13 but i think it would work. This is copyrighted so if any one would like to maybe help me out on this one a old car i don't thing a 2003 car more like anything that can run. But i would sell thsi to a company for a prices galdly but you will need to e-mail me on this ok ok well thanks

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