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By rudy_ronin
In-sight: What scares the theif the most???
Ans: presence of people in the house.

So introducing - Burgler Lights - which do the basic function of scareing the burglers. these lights r focus lights which r fitted on the window behind the curtainso that when the light goes ON the light will be projected outside and not on the inside part of the house.

How does it work: the lights are connected to a voice detecting sensor which will get activated on on sound ( like dog barking or glass breaking or even loud foot steps) these sensors will On the lights which will make belive the burglers that the house owner has not slept or is persent in the house thus scareing them away.

this equipment wont disturb the people inside the house because these are focus light which are projected on the window and not inside the house.

Reward: the product should be name after me

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