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By aqua_abcn5
Figure out our goal!!!
We obviously created it to reduce the risk of breast cancer.
Whatever your size may be, skinny or fat. You won't be hard up looking for your exact size wasting your time fitting in the dressing room and most of the times, even buying the wrong bra.
Now with this new idea, the rest is history because the bra we're creating is automatic that could fit any one. With five different designs and the most amazing feature is it has a cleansing ability that could flush up 3 different scents!!!

Reward: reduce the risk of breast cancer.
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By Steve
How does it work, and why does it help against breast cancer?
By Becca
;-) Ok how would it prevent breast canser? ANd wouldn't it be really uncomfertable if there was a thing on there that made sents come up. I have had a sented bra but not one that could change sents. But that is not a bad idea good job.

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