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I got an idea to improve Restaurant business ( Hotel business ). The idea is like follows,
Have numbers to the dining tables in your hotel. Daily pick one table number from lucky draw of all the tables. Announce that table is free of cost ( i mean, who ever guest eating at that time on that particular table need not to pay anything ).
This lucky draw could be drawn in the peak hours of the business like evenings. You can draw many times a day depens upon your business improvement with this concept.
If some of guests are in the process of eating at particular table, you can announce the results once they finish of thier food and ready to pay bill. By this, the guest will not be knowing about the news and they just do not eat so much.
Even you can have a add in front of your restaurant saying, " Eat as much you want and pay nothing, lets enter and check your luck ".
This is just my idea. Who ever is in hotel business, can use this idea and improve thier business against competitors.

Reward: I am not expecting any Reward for this. If some body is going to implement this idea, given the name for this idea relates to "Buraga Parthasaradhi" is fine for me.
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By Steve
It's a good idea, but I've already seen it implemented in various shops. ;-D

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