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By CycoMage
Being from Vegas, I thought of this some years ago, and was just reminded of it while trolling the pool. I was just reading a forum discussing "braille e-books", and that technology would work here. Why should the blind need to take a seeing-eye friend w/ them when they want to blow a wad in a casino/bar? This idea may not be entirely new, seeing as I stole some of the concept, or had my memory refreshed, from the aforementioned, more altruistic, (idiom? ideate?) idea. And, hey, blind people don't generally drink & drive.

Reward: A mere .001% of profits off the poker machines would more than do.
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By Steve
Cycomage, I know it's tempting with poker machines, but - as stated in the rules - no percentages (or percentages of percentages) as a reward. ;-)

If you can come up with something different, I can move your idea to the main pool section asap.


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