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By angelpoon
It would be nice to have an online rpg game where you can role play and fight monsters, something like Ragnarok, but using SAT words to name the weapons to help kids improve their test scores on the SAT.

For example, after defeating the monster there would be a question with SAT words and multiple choice of definitions, and you get your reward of killing the monster based on whether your answer is correct or not.

This would help kids improve their SAT scores, while letting them have fun. They play online game regardless anyway, might as well make it more productive.

Reward: I want to be the GM of this game and get all the weapons and gears for free. I want this company to use me as a model to advertise for the rpg game, and perhaps develop a character based on me :) yay!
By ginlamda
Yes that would be a good way to improve SAT and not only for kids. I want this king of game concept for gaining things in game. This is a very important way for training gamers with no large effort.

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