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By deathofbreath
Smoking Deterring Ashtray Device
Inventor, Salvatore Tuzzolino
Patent#6,415,799. Patented on 07/09/02
We are pleased to offer for license or sale an innovative smoking deterring ashtray that will strongly encourage the consumer to quit smoking, or can be a fun idea for smokers.
It will create an aversion to smoking simply by reminding the smoker of the far-reaching affects of lighting up. This ashtray would be a visual reminder to everyone, young and old, that cigarette smoking is hazardous to his or her health. If It were placed as the standard ashtray in the lobby of public buildings the warnings would cease to be words only. The graphic nature of the ashtray would remind everyone who smokes to stop and seriously deter those who might be considering starting.
Smoking is one of the Nations leading public health hazards, even innocent people die from it (second hand smoke).

There is a real need for a safe and effective method for helping people kick the habit. Inventor Salvatore Tuzzolino developed a visually explicit ashtray that will continually show the smoker the health risks taken every time he/she smokes. The ashtray consists of a human torso complete with lungs, arms, and hands, a head with an open mouth for cigarette placement, and an ash drawer beneath the head for removing ashes. When a lit cigarette is placed in the mouth ashtray, the smoke circulates through a tube leaving the teeth yellow and the lungs damaged, thereby prompting an individual to give up the habit.

The design used by the inventor is simple and uncomplicated. This simplicity of design will enable it to easily be mass-produced at an affordable price. This new product has limitless possibilities, as it can include variations in size, materials, color and design. The manufacturer will be able to utilize existing technology, labor and materials thereby reducing production costs. This unique new product has been awarded a Unites States Patent and is now ready for immediate introduction to a vast and awaiting market.
Sales Potential
Considering it's use, and appeal, it should quickly become a standard purchase for individuals and all public lobbies where smoking is permitted. This will be a Big seller for schools, smokers, non - smokers, It will definitely be the #1 selling ashtray in the world. Once introduced, consumer and industry acceptance should be immediate and enthusiastic! Marketing will be easy through retail/wholesale commercial ashtray outlets, novelty shops, discount outlets and drug stores. It is easily packaged and shipped, allowing it to be presented in a variety of catalogs and magazines. in addition it may be featured on the home shopping networks and on the internet. It is a well designed smoking deterrent that opens up a new and highly profitable product line with unlimited national and international marketing opportunities, especially with all of the anti smoking commercials, and bulletins. The inventor has indicated a willingness to negotiate the financial arrangements.

If interested please contact Sal Tuzzolino at, 815-741-0616 or e-mail him at
Thank you for your time.

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