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PS3 Mod Chip?!?

PostPosted:Tue Jan 26, 2010 9:24 am
by tahoma351
Now to start off I would like to make it clear that I have no intention of chipping my PS3 or particapating in piracy in general, I am only creating this thread to hopefully answer a couple of questions.

Right then, to begin, I just started college last week and today I was talking to someone in my class and we soon got onto the topic of the PS3. It was just general chat about what games we have and what we're looking forward to (LBP FTW) when he told me that someone he knew chipped his PS3 for him and he was able to play games from a pen drive - one example he gave me was Fifa 08 and that he can just get more games by using torrents.

The problem I have lies with the fact that I've been under the impression the PS3 hasn't been hacked properly yet and therefore no copied games can be played on it in any way. I was considering calling this guy a liar since I've only known him for a week yet he seems pretty genuine and I'm not too sure what he whould have to gain by falsely claiming his PS3 is chipped.

So then, the technical know-it-alls of N4G, I would like to know what the chances are of this guy being genuine and if he is then for how long has the PS3's piracy security been comprimised.