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My Wii Downloads - Con or am I stupid?

PostPosted:Mon Mar 22, 2010 7:39 am
by buchino3
So I'm an idiot. I paid for a membership to 'My Wii Downloads' so that I could get games for my Christmas pressie.
My Wii is NOT modded in any way and the sit claims that no mod is needed to play the games I download. I have downloaded a game, used winrar to extract the files and burned the file to DVD-R using ImgBurn.

The disc is not recognised by my Wii and 'my Wii Downloads' support has not responded to any of my emails. I'm feeling ripped off but I will admit that I could be an idiot who has missed a step, but without support from the support team I am stuck. I have read about the twilight hack and wondered if I need to do this or buy a mod chip. Feel free to mock me for my stupidity!