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By cynet
A lot of content creators complain about copyright infringments. Why not create a Website where you can regester what you have, and then convert it (or download) to any format you need.

What? Your New Matrix DVD, on your forth gen. HD IPod. It's done! All you need is a barcode scanner to prove proof of purchase. And maybe a anual fee.

Reward: Free Service (and a HD Ipod).
Part ownership.
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By Steve
Sorry, I don't quite get the purpose of this one. Having a website where you can convert or download CDs legally wouldn't prevent anyone from converting, downloading or copying the same CDs ILlegally? Again, sorry if I didn't get the point, hope you can clarify!

Also, please don't forget that rewards are supposed to be small. "Part ownership" definitely doesn't fall into that category.
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By cynet
My Idea was that the general public could do whatever they want with the media they have bought without feeling like they are breaking the law if they copy copyrighted material.
For their own personal use of course.

Kind of like the new law for MP3 music. You can convert CD's in MP3's for your own personal use, (or download them) and as long as you don't distribute it your ok. (At least that is what I know of the Law)

Well with the aid of video devices coming around the corner. It would be nice to be able to copy (convert) movies you have so you would be able to play them on (let's say the Zire 71 for example) pda's to watch on your way to work.

The problem with movies though is that they are rentable so you might have to have a website that authorizes (or authenticates) a origin of purchase.

The whole Idea is the general public would have the legal right to copy personal media so they wouldn't feel like they have to do it illegaly.

Of course this would never stop people from trying to do it illegaly but it would make the honest more honorable; I hope.

Does that make sense?
Maybe my first atempt was too brief.
Maybe this attempt is not long enough.
Sorry about the "request" part of the ideas.
New to these kinds of forums.
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By cynet
Maybe what we really need is a rental societity that only plays once then destroys itself. I have heard something about this.

But people who want to steal would still try to copy it the first time it plays.

Maybe there is no hope.
Maybe eliminate the rental business.
If you want a movie, you have to buy it. Otherwise we have to see it at the theater, or on TV.

But people would still record it off whatever feed they are receiving.
I believe it's legal as long as you don't re-air it, or play it for a audience.

I might have to read about some of the new copy-right laws coming about.
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By Steve
cynet wrote:Maybe there is no hope.
Maybe eliminate the rental business.
If you want a movie, you have to buy it. Otherwise we have to see it at the theater, or on TV.

Ten years ago we had a CD rental in town, you could go there and bottow music CDs for a buck or two. Interestingly, when the record companies heard about it got closed down because of copyright issues. Funny that it's so different with video rentals. I guess that's because the companies assume that most people don't have two video players at home. :-?

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