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By old_kyle_w
While a solar still is not a new idea, it deserves a new look in view of todays technology. Since sun light is our most abundant source of energy and many areas of the world are experiencing a chronic shortage of potable water, stills may be an inexpensive and reliable source for both disease prevention and irrigation. I have written up my ideas of possible pitfalls to be overcome and their solutions as well as a suggested design for the device and would be happy to mail it to anyone who is interested for critique or to be put to use. My design suggests off-the-shelf technology for the most part with only a few items, which are optional, that require some research and fabrication.

Reward: Keep me apprised of any progress and problems encountered in the practical development of the idea.
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By Steve
Solar Still - an emergency tool for extracting
water from the driest deserts in their most brutal seasons.

(Just because I didn't know what it was. :-) )
By Rishi
In the early seventies our team developed solar stills, which produced a gallon of water/day and could be sold for about US $100.
( In south India with a solar insolation of of about 1 HP - approx. 80 watts/Sq.Ft.)
This worked out to about 5 cents for a gallon over the life of the still, which was found unacceptable.

Is the suggested design significantly more economical?

We could make stills that were much cheaper. These had very poor life. At least in the so called third world any such gadget has to be rugged.

An exchange of thoughts would be welcome.

By old_kyle_w

Its a still, powered by sunlight that boils fresh water out of salt water or contaminated water then condenses the fresh water back from steam to produce safe drinking water.

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