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PostPosted:Thu Dec 23, 2010 4:28 pm
by tesh
The screw-propelled machines have been known for years,but due to several reasons failed to find mass application. What I do is I�m trying to give a second birth to the worms by making them transformable. I attached a rubber body between helical ribs of the worm. As the rubber body is pumped up it expands taking the weight of the machine allowing the worm to roll as a wheel on any surface. The main working mode Wheel-rubber expanded, Tesh-drive rolls,vehicle moves forward and backward. The second modeWorm- rubber releases air stripping the helical rib and we get worms,rotate them in opposite directions and vehicles moves sideways. This mode is used for propelling the machine through rough terrains,bog,swamp or soft grounds. Thus we are able to move in two directions from one spot on any ground that neighther wheel nor track can do.
Patent pending PCT/RU2010/000232