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By javaz99
Shannon and Devon, before and after a Mission Makeover ambush. Photo: Kristin Burns
Shopping Melrose Avenue in Los Angeles, California, Shannon and Devon looked out of place dressed in jeans, T-shirts and worn-in hoodies. And according to our Mission Makeover team, perusing such a chic street requires a little more style and sophistication.

The plan of action: take the twosome from so-so to stylish.
Starting with Shannon, makeup artist and hairstylist Roberta Inez applied a sheer foundation to enhance her complexion. She sparingly applied concealer under her eyes, and then across the lids, using it as an eye shadow base -- a trick several makeup artists use to even the lids prior to applying color.

On her eyes, Inez swept a gold shadow across the lids, and then added a bold, black liner along both lash lines to add depth and dimension. She layered on black mascara to finish.

To give Shannon's face a warm glow, Inez dusted bronzer along the forehead, cheeks and bridge of the nose -- places where the sun naturally hits. Keeping her lips natural, she smoothed on a semi-nude lipgloss.

Using a flat iron, Inez perfected beachy waves for Shannon. Working with one-inch sections, she clamped the iron closed about one inch from the scalp. Next, she turned the iron backwards (toward the scalp) one full turn, and then slowly dragged it through to the ends. The slower you drag the iron through the hair, the tighter the curl. While the faster, the looser the curl.

Hair stylist and makeup artist Roberta Inez creates fringe bangs for Devon and smoky eyes for Shannon. Photo: Kristin Burns
With Devon, Inez took it up a notch.

To even her complexion, she used a tinted moisturizer, which offers sheer coverage and hydration. She blended a rich maroon shadow to create a soft, smoky eye effect, and then applied black eye liner along both lash lines and black mascara.

Inez warmed up Devon's cheeks with a soft pink blush and glazed the lips using a shimmering pale pink lipgloss.

Devon's hair got a slight trim, including the bangs. And because she normally wears is stick straight, Inez opted for voluminous waves. Using a large barrel curling iron and working in two-inch sections, she created beautiful, bouncy waves.
Shannon and Devon after their Mission Makeover transformations. Photo: Kristin Burns
Stylist Jordan Feldman overhauled their kickback style with the perfect party dresses. Shannon's classic black sheath looked sophisticated paired with a chain link necklace and bangles. Devon's slip dress in a rich eggplant looked stunning on her tall, slim figure.

The final result: a dazzling duo.
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