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There's still some summer left ...

PostPosted:Thu Feb 10, 2011 1:42 am
by javaz99
Sherbet plaid dress

Holly at Lucite Box Vintage tipped me off that she is having a sale ... 15% off any item on the site using the coupon code madmen. The sale started today and runs through Saturday 8/22.

I am such a sucker for large-scale plaids and this dress is a doozy. Plus, it's B40/W29, which is a forgiving size ... especially for some of our more well-endowed friends. And only $60, or just $51 on sale!

I would wear this with little flat shoes and a white or pink cardigan, and an ice-cream cone. The ice-cream cone is the essential accessory for this dress. I recommend mint-chocolate-chip, the bright green chemical kind, for contrast, or maybe even rainbow sherbet, if you want to be all matchy-matchy. And a bicycle. I would definitely add a bicycle. A Schwinn "Breeze" by preference, but that's really up to you. (They come in yellow ...)