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Wastewater Solutions

PostPosted:Sun Feb 13, 2011 2:51 am
by techRobo
Wastewater Solutions is a well experienced, all-encompassing wastewater management firm based in Austin, Texas.

Whether you need to build your OSSF from scratch; conduct yearly, monthly or weekly operations due to permit requirements; or repair your system, we can and will do it all. From the inception of your OSSF, our team provides construction, operation and maintenance, keeping your plant running smooth and in compliance with State requirements. Whether you need professionals on hand from start to finish or you already have an on-site wastewater treatment unit and need more reliable, trustworthy and skilled technicians for future operations and repairs, our firm is here for you.

Wastewater Solutions brings over 25 years of experience to the table, as our professionals have been providing quality service in the OSSF industry since 1984. Our clients are schools, subdivisions, parks, golf courses, churches, restaurants, office complexes, shopping centers and resorts needing on-site wastewater treatment units due to their geographical location. These businesses, often times are situated outside municipal boundaries or within a small municipality and they are called to take care of their own sewage systems and that is the market we serve today.