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By javaz99
I'm really not sure about this dress. It certainly doesn't have 'hanger appeal' but looks much better on, worn with a black singlet and black boots. The fabric is very light cotton with a metallic sheen and embroidered border. I'm calling it my 'ladies that lunch' dress because I can't see myself wearing it to the office, but would happily wear it with sandals or boots for a lunch or coffee outing.
I bought this fabric ages ago in Armidale NSW, and I reckon I needed my head read. It just isn't me. I originally planned to make a Burda coatdress with shirring at the waist. Unfortunately I didn't have enough fabric and was left to ponder what on earth I'd do with it.
I was immediately attracted to Burda Style 02/10 127 because it didn't have any seams to break up the embroidered border. I've shortened the sleeves and added a cuff to balance the border pattern on the hem.
While the look is fine, the fabric is way too light for collar. I haven't ironed or stitched down the join of the collar on the front, so it looks a little lumpier than it actually is. If I make this again, I would use a heavier wool crepe. I've never inserted in under arm zip - quite proud of my efforts on that score.
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