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By Aleksa
I called my idea(inventon) "Faster Shoes" beause it is simply shoes on whells. There will be two wheels on both shoes, each one on ends. You could adjust that wheels so that you can walk normally or you could pull it over from bottom of shoe and walk like on rollers. This would be great for younger people who dont have pations to walk, so they could walk faster and make walking more interesting.
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By Michael D. Grissom
Roller Skates have been around since about 1860 and MANY versions have been adjustable like you invision -- believed to have been invented in Holland and popular ever since all over the world. Have you not yet seen these in your country? Where do you live? I'm very curious. OR,.. did I misunderstand your invention?
By edhchoe
tread pattern can be designed so that when you step on it the shoe will push forward. If your step distance is 2 feet, with the shoes on the step size will increase to 2 feet and 1 inch. If you make a 1 mile walk (5280 feet), you will have walked 1 inch more per 2 feet. That translates into 5280/2 inches = 2640 inches = over 200 feet. Therefore, you are walking appx. 4% faster.

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