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By midoh
Atlantis (the lost city of) is believed by some to be submerged under-sea awaiting discovery by future archeologists/explorers.
There are several candidate sites for the loaction of this ancient city,they are somewhere of the coast of the Bahamas,off the coast of Crete & somewhere in the shallower part of the South China Sea.However the problem is that all these are under-sea locations up to 200 Metres deep.Underwater archeology is very difficult even in very shallow water.Is there some sort of underwater geo-physical device that could detect stone structurs buried under-say100-200feet of ash/silt/mud?
Could such a device still funcion at depths approaching 200Metres?

Reward: A fabled/mythical city & it's priceless artifacts uncovered.
By Rishi
Dear midoh,
I am also interested in undersea archeology. 'Current Science' is a fortnightly journal of research published by the Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore. This is available in its entirety free on the net. The current issue(What else?) of 10th May 2004 has a special section:'Underwater Cultural Heritage', an excellent collection of international articles on underwater exploration similar to what you described.

There are two sites:

When you log into either of these the cover page of the journal is displayed at the top left corner. Clicking on that takes you to the current issue. Back issues are also available.



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