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By DethLab
Hello, I'm thinking in my head, that it is possible to build a diver's lifejackets. Idea is very very simple. It's a lifejacket, that you can fill underwater. Air to fill it taken from another air tank that diver carries in he's back. And of course you knon the effect when something filled with air is underwater. It rises to surface. With some technology, it would be abled to make it automaticly filled when carrier is short of oxygen. But of course it would me more simple if it's manually useable. This invention may save lives!
;D And I apologize all the spelling mistakes in this text, I'm only 14 years old and I'm not very best in speaking english.
By Crooks
In the water it is possible infact you have been late because it has been made a many years ago and form the highest mountain you can only avail para shoot because life jacket is nothing when you have to dive from a mountain.

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