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Hello everyone. I have something...arthritis I guess. Many people find sleeping on any bed very uncomfortable because of pressure points. Often I've wondered what weightless sleeping would feel like and this idea occurred to me today; a breathable magnetized sleeping suit, that can be worn so that the user will be suspended just like those globes are, between a strong magnet on top and bottom. You can see toys and other gadgets like this everywhere it seems.

I suppose there would be pressure points but it would be all over the the entire body (except the face and ears) and would not cause one painful point of pressure. I think burn victims could be placed in a medicated gel lined magnet suit and suspended for care. I'm sure this would be awesome for those in the hospital but how great would it be to have something like this available one day at home? I really can't see it replacing the good old bed but when pain flares occur how nice would it be to have the option of sleeping in this?

Would it even be possible to just be suspended above a magnetized bed? With bumpers right!!! But seriously, if a person could sleep this way I bet it would be the most amazing rest ever available!

i love love love sleeping and i think this would be a great idea, although it would take a little bit of getting used to. i would be willing to wear polarized pajamas so i could float above a magnetic base. i'm sure people would find this idea fun as well as helpful. :D

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