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By Dakka Lord
You know, so far i have never noticed any game thus far to use the idea of you being a god. Oh not just a game where you are given 'choices' that effect your civilization. I'm talking about being a god. Like in the game you can switch to being a god to defend your planet from cosmic horrors or the invasions of other gods. Like a war game almost, with you commanding your forces. Or, you attack a rival gods realm. Back on earth it would be more intrigue, you being the leader of the current religion, your current leaders would die as the game progresses, but you will have all the options in the world. I don't like how the only two options for strategy games are "Be peaceful or be a mass murdering maniac" you could try to focus on your religion being actually GOOD enough for people to want to flock to your land and be a part of your religion.

You get to do everything with your god as well, customize him to the fullest extent. Heck, even create a pantheon of gods to make it more interesting. And by the fullest extent i mean everything, from colors representative of that god to their animal representative, etc. You could even make the god create his own people in his image. You could make the the rules of life for this god (Could, not mandatory).

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