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By hankhill02
Why a government based on individual representation makes more sense in today�s close-network society.

Back in revolutionary times, �no taxation without representation� was shouted among individual who had to pay extra taxes due to the Stamp Act. They felt there should be someone to represent the masses of people in the government who can negotiate terms with the monarchy about taxation. This idea spread into the end of the Revolution when the Constitution of the U.S. was ratified. But that made complete sense for back then. You see back then, there wasn�t an effective way for people to congregate and organize all their thoughts and ideas in a manner conducive to a stable form of government. Surely someone had to be the one to represent the population in government. Someone to make the laws. Someone we trust to make decisions on our own behalf. Someone to use this position for their own personal gain. Someone who only has to vote with the constituents only some of the time, as to fly under the radar. People, a group of someone, who together create an unstoppable force. People who are corrupt enough to pass laws they don�t even agree with. People who we trust to help us, destroy us for their profit. People who, if not stopped, will be the face of Fall of the United States of America.

Consider�today we have the technology to make this happen. Representation not based off of the ideologies of an elected representative or senator. Your voice directly in the lawmaking process. Using the internet would allow the country�s legislative body to be the People, the citizens, humans living on United States soil. 80% of Americans have access to the internet according to recent World Internet Usage Statistics. A simple app or website could perform the task of serving as a central database for WTP (We the People), a collection polls that act very much like the polls you would go to on Election Day. This app contains all the information necessary to vote in the poll. This would stimulate interest in providing your voice in important legislative matters, laws that could affect you. Computer algorithms would then tally the polls and display the majority rule. Not only does this provide better representation of the people, it can still function alongside the Executive and Judicial Branches outlined in the United States Constitution. The ease and accessibility of voting and providing a necessary voice in matters that directly affect the People of the United States should be enough to make this a reality. I welcome feedback, criticism, and other scenarios that could bring the Voice back to the People.

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