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By danielkaifeng
I have a plan to build a campus that it's aim is not for making money, but to increase the happiness of every worker in the company, to improve the living quality of individuals in the society.

It is now a time that all crazy things will happen if we have the passion, imagination and cooperation. In some sense, this is like a campus, company, country mixture.

People in this community, who might be called employees, students or teachers. No one really work for others. No one really teach others. Those who learn have to use the knowledge on practice, to develop the happiness level of the society and to increase the income of the whole community. Those who work have to share their experience and understanding to other staff.

This company doesn't have a clear organization chart. You don't have to listened to any one. We are creative individuals, not a working machine. In order to contribute your intelligence and creation, you can choose to join a project according to your interest and ability. I believe with encouragement each individual can work on his/her best.

Our working fields cover many needs of the society. We want to work efficiently in technology��education, art, etc. We might not be experts in some fields, but we will have continuously self-improvement and endeavor to have the maximum benefit of the whole society.

For example, we might teach people English, which is very popular among non English speaking countries. A group of people in our campus establish a education project to teach English. People who need to improve their English come and learn. They might need to pay money, or not. We charge according to our needs of essential office expense and once the income can cover the expense, the program will be available freely. Those students of the program are encourage to spread what they learn to others. External people are welcome to use our text books, classrooms and apply our teaching methods. Nothing is confidential or self possess. We encourage you to share and to be supportive.

You can choose either to work in a group or work individually. For designer, they might prefer to have their own imagination space. Project teams can release their design demands in a information pool shared in the campus. Designers choose some design tasks to work on. This is a simple case to explain how individual work can contribute to our community.

And certainly you might ask how to control the lead time in such a free atmosphere. I think people who work for their self pursuit will have a better efficiency than those who work for salary. If they still can not cover the job requests, the root cause is in the people, but in the unbalance of the work force and the tasks amount. Our HR team should work on this problem to recruitment more full time staff or part time volunteer.

It is a big project and will have great influence. I believe it will come true in the future with lots of benefits. Ideas about building this community project are highly appreciated.

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