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By cryptocash
There is a way for increasing resources of all types using nothing more then effort. In few short months (no exact date set yet) there is going to be a currency released that will gain value redeemable in memory and computation. The way to earn this rapidly increasing pool of computer power is to donate current computer power when network begins.
Now the cheapest way to gain seed ware I brought to mind was as follows. Offer labor in exchange for downloading simple light software to access internet and allocate hard drive space on a computer that is powered up often. I also had a dream of getting cargo vans and long range wifi transceivers with 1/2 mile reach. Setting up connections to free hotspots. Find trustworthy homeless people to give a little for place to sleep and watch or listen to anything. Eventually it pays for itself in federal reserve notes while earning a deflationary currency. At the same time provides a fly pad for a homeless person.
Later we will have huge networking potential and can engineer a material reclaimer and build mini manufacturing units. Buy landfills and build biospheres. Among endless other potentials...

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