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By unbehagen
You have the impression that the disasters of the world do not touch you anymore? You feel vaguely sorry for other people's misfortunes but you don't feel the inner urge which used to make you help your neighbour ? WiFi-SM is the solution !

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WiFi-SM is an Internet connected wireless device that you can fix on any part of your body. It automatically detects the information from approximately 4,500 news sources worldwide updated continuously and analyses them looking for specific keywords such as death, kill, murder, torture, rape, war, virus etc.. Each time the text of the news contains one of these keywords, your WiFi-SM device is activated through the Wi-Fi network and provides you with an electric impulse. This impulse is calibrated so that you can feel a certain amount of pain, but is completely safe.
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By Steve
Sounds like a regular vibrator to me. 8-o ;-)
By unbehagen
you didn't really read it, did you ?
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By Steve
Sorry, unbehagen, I was just kidding you. My point was that if a device sends an impulse every time someone gets tortured, raped, or killed, the signal would be continuous. It is a know fact that each year, and 800 (!) million people starve to death, 1.6 million people are killed by violence, 120 million women are subjected to circumcision, 700,000 women are raped in the USA alone (it's just that most of these cases never make it to the news). I don't have the stats for other deaths, torture, or virusses, but if you crunch some numbers, I'm sure you will agree. Hence my allusion to the vibrator (which of course does not send electric impulses). Actually I was sure you were kidding us as well and your site was a hoax (not a bad one at that), if I really got you wrong, let me know.
By unbehagen
oops I did'nt get your joke :-D

he he, yes it's a hoax... but sometimes hoaxes are more true than real things
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By Steve
:-° You nearly got me there, almost thought I really stepped on your toes. :-b

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